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About Me

I’m Iara (pronounced “yara”), a non-practicing librarian and scholar in the making from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I got my master’s degree in April 2014, and started my PhD in March 2015. My research interests right now are focused on article-level metrics, particularly altmetrics, and their potential for us in the peripheric countries; but I’m also interested in more more general issues on scholarly communication, mainly open acces, open science, and research assessment. At this site, my experiment on bilingual blogging, I’ll talk about my views on these subjects and whatever else comes to mind. Feel free to contact me via email (iaravidalps at or on Twitter at any time. If you’d like to see my research products, please check my Figshare and Impactstory pages. Thanks for visiting, your feedback is most welcome!

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All content on this site, unless otherwise specified, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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